The PMS Optronic System is a com­ple­te Sur­vei­llan­ce System based on a high performance uncooled ther­mal camera, a compact CCD SONY camera and a robust Pan&Tilt device.

This combination provides a high performance sur­veillance solution based in thermal image at an affor­da­ble and com­pe­titive price.

This PMS Optronic System can be controlled using PELCO Protocol and features high quality thermal image, clear and sharp. The use of thermal image allows the user to obtain larger detection ranges.
With this sensor, the user will obtain ranges ex­cee­ding 3 Km to detect a man.

Main Features
·Can see through complete darkness.
·No additional active illumination is needed.
·Can see through smoke and through the most
aggressive weather conditions as visual obs­cu­rants:
rain, snow, some fog conditions, etc.
·It’s 100% PELCO-D compatible.
·Can be easily integrated in existing CCTV systems.
·Low power consumption.
·Allows the control of thermal ca­me­ra features:
-2X Electronic Zoom.
-White Hot / Black Hot Polarity.
-DDE control.
-Focus control .

·Provides clear and sharp thermal image.
·Provides larger detection ranges than using IR and standard illuminators.
·Smooth and accurate Pan & Tilt movements.
·Low Maintenance required.
·Environmentally MIL qualified product.
Kronomav 2014