IN3D is the best 3D system for live broad­casting in any kind of 3D events. Kronomav has developed the whole solution based in a ro­bo­ti­zed 3D Rig and a SIP (Stereo Image Proccesor) getting an accurate and reliable sys­tem compatible with most of ca­me­ras and lenses in the market.

Both StereoCam 300, as StereoSplit 300 allow the memorization of pre­sets
with all the values of the positions of the cameras and their lenses.
This breakthrough allows changing the stereoscopic values while broad­cas­ting
live without producing gaps bet­ween the two images (right eye and left eye).

Stereoscopic Side by Side Rig / Over-Under

-8 Axis Robotic System for Lenses, Se­pa­ration & Convergence.

-Remote Control Performances with Ethernet, for Live Events & Studio

-Remote Units for Focus, Iris & Zoom, Parallax and Vertical Disparities

-Modular Design, for Compatibility with Our Manual & Over-Under
Stereoscopic Rigs.

-Interocular distances: 76 - 300 mm. –


The SIP is a system that acts as a black box:

-Two HD-SDI inputs (left camera, right camera),

-Two HD-SDI outputs (left camera, rig­ht camera) correctly
formed or an HD-SDI output Side by Side (properly formed).

-It offers a choice of different view mo­des for both images:
Anaglyph, subtraction, subtraction re­verse, left / right mixed,
50% Left (top) / 50% right (below),...


- Compatible with Side by Side and Over-Under
(Beam Splitter) Rigs.

- Geometric corrections:
• Correction of vertical and horizontal gap between cameras.
• Elective correction of rotation for both cameras.
• Elective correction of image size/zoom for both cameras.

- Remote control from SIP of the robotic system. Ability to
manage, in real time, the following parameters of the Rig:
Separation between the two cameras (interdistance),
convergence angle, zoom, focus, iris.
Kronomav 2014