The ATENTO SS is a Land Radar ba­sed distributed surveillance system with optical recogni- tion that would operate in auto or manual mode for human de­tec­tion up to 1.8 km radius area. The system is based on tree di­ffe­rent modules:
-The observation stations, each sta­tion will control 1.8 km around and can be coordi-nated for working with more stations for controlling bigger areas.
-The repeater stations will pro­vi­de longer range of com­mu­ni­ca­tion link.
-The command and control cen­ter C3 that will receive all the target in­for­ma­tion and the vi­deo stream for the intrusion iden­tification.

The ATENTO observation sta­tion has a Land Radar for quick detection, a TV cameras system for identifying the intrusion and a WIMax long ran­ge link for con­necting with the Com­mand and Control Center.

The observation stations. Each sta­tion will control 1.8 km around and can be coordinated for working with more stations for controlling larger areas. It will include a Land Radar for human detection up to 1,8 km and vehicles up to 2,6 km. Once the radar has detected the intrusion, the PTZ camera will focus over the trac­king for identifying the intruder and will transmit the image to the C3.

The system uses a HD TV camera with 8 Mpixel and 400 mm lens for best image quality during the day and a powerful thermal camera with 640x480 VOx detector and a double field of view lens 60/180 mm that will en- sure human detection ranges over 3,5 km.

The power requirements will be supplied by solar panels and a gasoline generator that will charge the battery pack. Using this configuration, the generator will work for only 6 hours a day and for rest of the day, the system will operate in a complete silence.
Kronomav 2014